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Monday, October 14, 2019

Media statements

/ Categories: PTA News, Transperth

Bus driver fines trend down significantly

Transperth bus drivers incurred 23 per cent fewer traffic infringements in the latest year.

A total of 256 fines were issued in 2017-18, equating to 3.0 infringements per million kilometres travelled.

This compares with 2016-17’s 334 incidents – or 3.9 per million kilometres.

The latest number is the equivalent of one infringement every 21.5 years for the average motorist.

The 23.4 per cent drop in incident rate builds on last year’s 0.9 per cent reduction, and the significant improvement (down 25 per cent) which occurred in 2015-16.

PTA spokesman David Hynes said this year’s results were encouraging.

“While any incident involving our bus drivers breaking the road rules is disappointing, I am pleased to report another significant drop in incidents.

“Bus drivers travel thousands of kilometres each year, and we have been working steadily with our bus contractors to stress the importance of safe driving.  

“If a Transperth bus driver receives an infringement, the driver must pay the fine, will be issued with demerit points, and may also be subject to their company’s internal disciplinary processes.”

The data can be found here.  


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