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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

School Bus Services

Every school day, our School Bus Services (SBS) branch provides transport assistance to more than 26,000 students throughout Western Australia

School bus services

The SBS branch plans school services in WA and contract-manages their delivery through contracted school bus operators.
SBS aims to assist students to attend school regularly. A total of 816 school buses service mainstream schools and 146 school buses service special education schools, centres and units.

Wherever possible, students are encouraged to make their own way to and from school by walking, public transport, bicycle or parent transport. However, students who live in rural areas or who need help to get to school may be eligible for transport assistance.

Transport assistance scheme

The transport assistance scheme managed by SBS offers a basic level of assistance for travel to and from school. The transport assistance available to eligible students includes travel by contract school bus, payment of a conveyance allowance for use of a private vehicle and travel on a public transport service at a concession fare rate.

More information

For more information about School Bus Services, including forms and policy information, please visit the School Bus Services website or contact the PTA.

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