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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Media statements

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Premier signals beginning of Southern Suburbs Railway work


Work on the $1.275billion Southern Suburbs Railway has officially commenced.

At a special ceremony near Perth's Narrows Bridge today, Premier Geoff Gallop gave the all clear for exploratory drilling to begin along the proposed train route under Perth's CBD.

The preliminary drilling and technical surveying is the first physical work undertaken for the $324million city works contract. Part of the process involves locating service pipes and assessing soil and rock types before tunnelling commences.

Dr Gallop said today's event marked the start of one of the most important projects in the State's history.

"This is a very significant day for the future of Perth and Western Australia. It marks the beginning of a visionary project designed to reduce our reliance on cars and sustain the quality of life we enjoy in this State," he said.

"I'm pleased work on the project is now under way. We are not turning back."

The demolition of buildings in the city to make way for the William Street Station begins in April. The widening of the Mt Henry Bridge will also begin in April. The William Street flyover near the Convention Centre is due to be removed in June.

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