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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Media statements

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Asylum seekers now eligible for public transport concessions

  • People seeking asylum now have access to concession fares on public transport
  • Will greatly improve ability to access health, education and other community services
  • Eligible applicants will be issued concession fare-enabled SmartRiders
  • Australia is currently celebrating Refugee Week which runs to Saturday, June 22

Asylum seekers in Perth will have access to concession fares on public transport under a new Asylum Seeker Hub (ASH) concession, improving asylum seeker access to health, education, community services and job interviews, if they are deemed eligible to work.

It is expected that up to 800 asylum seekers may be eligible for an ASH concession - and discounted public transport.

To be eligible to apply for an ASH concession SmartRider, asylum seekers will need to live in Western Australia, not be in full-time education, not be in full-time employment and be holding or currently applying for a bridging visa as an asylum seeker, or appealing a determination of status as an asylum seeker.

More information on how to apply for an ASH concession SmartRider is available on the Transperth website.

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