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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Public art

Aubin Grove Station

Aubin Grove Station

Aubin Grove Station’s public art located outside the west entry building combines aesthetic and function.

Developed by the Midnight Tuesday team of Philip Gamblen, Dawn Gamblen and Peter Gee, the 11 metre long sculptural art screen will provide a barrier from the prevailing south west winds.

The design of the zig-zag screen draws from nature with a repeating triangular motif which references Banksia leaves and aims to provide interesting and alternating views for passengers moving through the facility.

The artists envision that the screens’ undulating surface, coupled with the chosen colour palette of blues, silvers and champagnes, will encourage viewers to draw connections with the important local wetland areas, such as the iconic chain of lakes running north to south through the heart of the City of Cockburn.

The artists are also developing three 27 metre long sections of 1.5 metre high feature perforated steel screens along the Lauderdale Drive fence line. The design on the screening panels will be developed by the same artists working on the station public art to continue the same look and feel.

Q&A with the Midnight Tuesday team
What do you hope passengers get from the artwork?
The Midnight Tuesday team hope passengers walk away contemplating the following after viewing the artwork: Functional aesthetics; directional movement; sense of place and connection; and tessellations.

  • Functional Aesthetics: Practically the artwork screen acts as a wind break and a directional marker to the station entry. The sculptural screening’s appearance will change as passengers see the artwork from different angles at different times of the day.
  • Directional Movement: The artwork will be dynamic in shape and multi-faceted in order to provide interesting and alternating views for patrons on the move. The perception of motion will be implied through the design’s zigzags, changes in orientation, triangular directional shapes and repeating modules that appear to push in and out from the screen.
  • Sense of Place/Connection: The new station will be a vital connection between public transport and people, to places farther afield. The artworks aim to connect the audience with patterns found in nature; shapes informed by native flora and colours reflective of the local area.
  • Tessellations: The repeating pattern provides a mathematical, nature inspired design for patrons to contemplate while they wait for their ride or companions to arrive.


What artworks have you recently completed?
We have recently completed public art for the new Perth Busport, called "Round Trip". It is a series of artworks designed for each of the three Busport pedestrian entrances. Ripple lines and elliptical bubble shapes reference the previous life of the area as fresh-water wetlands. The LED lights playfully 'chase' and 'skip' around the artworks to create dynamic illuminated pathways whilst inferring travel, transition and wheels in motion.

Also completed recently is “Flourish”, another work inspired by native flora.  Located in Fitzgerald Street, North Perth, Flourish’s vine-like design casts shadows on its supporting apartment block wall during the day and gently lights the wall with a constantly changing colour palette in the evenings.


What is your artistic inspiration / style?
Although manifested quite differently, each of the Midnight Tuesday’s team members’ individual art practices has been influenced by the themes of nature and movement. Philip and Peter specialise in using mechanics, electronics, robotics and lighting to create interactive art that is largely informed by technology and science. Dawn's practice focuses upon implied movement. She imbues her sculptures with a sense of dynamic energy and liveliness through repeated shapes.


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