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Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Aubin Grove Station

Aubin Grove Station

The PTA’s project community team will provide information on Aubin Grove’s design and construction progress throughout the project.

Aubin Grove Resident Reference Group

An Aubin Grove Project Resident Reference Group has been established to raise the community’s thoughts on aspects of the project directly to the project team.

The group has already been instrumental in some of the project’s recent design changes, particularly regarding the local road access with members including:

  • Residents:
    • Sweetwater Bend
    • Rutherford Entrance
    • Covington Loop
    • Lagrange Street
    • Knoxville Way
    • Lauderdale Drive
  • PTA project director
  • PTA project manager
  • PTA project communications team
  • City of Cockburn representatives

The Resident Reference Group will meet regularly to provide advice and local knowledge to the team delivering the Aubin Grove Station and Russell Road Upgrade project.

The resident representatives are also helping ensure the wider community has information about upcoming works and design updates.

Community Information Sessions

On Tuesday, 22 July 2014 the PTA held a community information session for residents and interested parties to find out more information about the project, including general design direction and the upcoming design and construction process.

A number of general items were raised, as well as specific points relevant to various residents. The PTA addressed the concerns throughout the design process and in liaison with the City of Cockburn and other agencies.

On Tuesday, 9 June 2015 the PTA held an update community information session to outline the changes in the project’s design, particularly regarding the Russell Road widening and the western car park access changes.

Attendees were surveyed at the session, which found:

  • 74% found the session very informative and 26% somewhat informative
  • 86% are positive towards the overall project, 6% neutral and 8% negative
  • 77% are positive towards the Russell Road upgrade, 14% are neutral and 9% were negative
  • 65% are positive towards the station access option, 20% are neutral and 15% are negative
  • 77% feel Aubin Grove will positively impact their day-to-day activities when completed, 2% were neutral and 21% feel it will negatively impact their day-to-day activities.

The PTA will continue to review and address concerns raised by the community as the project progresses.

Stay in touch

Community members are welcome to contact the project community team by email or call 13 62 13.

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