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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Train Station Audio System Upgrade

Train station audio system upgrade

A major part of the PTA’s $4.9 million train station audio system upgrade project, which started in 2013, is now complete. Replacing the aging speakers and public address (PA) systems across the Transperth network will provide a more reliable and capable audio announcement system for passengers.

Moving to a digital PA system

The main part of the upgrade involved moving from a customised and end-of-life analogue system, to an advanced digital system (BiAmp VOCIA) that is widely-used across the world in building, airport and transport industries.

The digital system has the ability to monitor background noise and adjust its volume accordingly on a real-time basis (referred to as digital ambient monitoring). This means that announcements will be more intelligible, despite environmental noise, without being too loud.

Speaker upgrades

Starting in 2013, new speakers and cable were installed at a number of train stations on the network. With the new digital PA system in place (outlined above), we now have the ability to predict the end-of-life for speakers across the network, and prioritise roll out accordingly. The $200,000 per annum project will see many more stations upgraded until project completion by mid-2018.

More information

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