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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Radio Systems Replacement

Radio Systems Replacement

The Public Transport Authority is investing in Perth’s future rail transport needs with a major upgrade of its radio system.

The Radio Systems Replacement project is a new digital radio system which will allow for a more efficient rail network and support plans for future expansion.

To support the new system some new infrastructure will be built throughout the network. During this work steps will be taken to reduce the impact to passengers, the community and key stakeholders.

Procurement process

An Expression of Interest process will begin in late 2016. All information on the process, including optional and mandatory briefings, will be provided on the TendersWA website.

Construction and implementation

The Radio Systems Replacement work will involve installing new, or replacing existing, infrastructure, including towers/poles, with new digital friendly infrastructure and all radio devices will be replaced with new equipment. Significant commissioning and testing will follow to ensure the new system integrates with existing systems.

Information on the full scope of the construction impacts will be determined once the contractor is appointed and designs are completed.


  • Late-2016 – EOI tender process begins
  • Late 2017 – Contract Award
  • 2017-2018 – Design and Early Works
  • 2018-2020 – Construction and fit out
  • During 2020 – Testing and commissioning
  • Late 2020 – New system introduced

More information

All procurement and tender information for the project will be uploaded onto TendersWA website.

For general information about the project, email

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