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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Bus Shelter Grants Scheme

Bus Shelter Grants Scheme

The PTA’s Bus Shelter Grants Scheme (BSGS) provides funding in approved circumstances for Local Governments (and other entities where appropriate) for the purpose of installing road-side bus shelters for the benefit of local commuters.

The scheme is limited to approximately $500,000 per annum and Local Governments are encouraged to apply for funding each financial year. The PTA considers applications on a first come, first served basis, with priority given to stops with high patronage numbers. Note - special consideration may also be given to lower patronage stops in special circumstances (e.g. stops nearby health facilities, aged care facilities etc).

Under the scheme, the PTA takes responsibility for undertaking all physical works to install bus shelters and Local Governments may, if they wish, undertake community consultation with affected households before any works proceed (in accordance with its own community consultation requirements). 

Prior to the start of any bus shelter works by the PTA, all applicants must firstly agree that they will:

  • provide PTA with funding for approximately 50 per cent of the bus shelter cost*
  • accept ownership and ongoing maintenance responsibility for the bus shelter. 

* Additional costs may apply in some circumstances.

The PTA will not start any physical works without the expressed approval and agreement from the relevant Local Government.

The PTA maintains a panel contract of suppliers of bus shelters that can be accessed under the scheme.  A comprehensive suite of standard bus shelter designs can be accessed by Local Governments under this panel arrangement.  Variations and/or modifications can be made to the standard designs with all incremental costs being charged to the applicant.  The PTA regularly reviews its panel contract arrangements and Local Governments may make submissions to the PTA to include other new designs if they are considered desirable and advantageous to these arrangements (e.g. adoption of new materials, designs, installation techniques etc).

To make a submission to the PTA under the Bus Shelter Grants Scheme, simply identify the relevant bus stop location (preferably by bus stop number) and send the details to or call 9326 2922.

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