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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Bike Shelter Upgrade

Bike Shelter Upgrade

To meet the growing demand for bike parking facilities at our train stations, we've completed a $330k upgrade to increase the amount of bike parking available for our passengers.

A number of stations had a particularly high number of bike users, so we increased capacity by extending existing shelters.  This increased our total bike parking capacity by more than 240 bikes at the following stations:

Mandurah Line: Canning Bridge, Kwinana, Wellard and Warnbro.
Armadale Line: Kelmscott and Armadale.
Midland Line: Bassendean and Midland.
Fremantle Line: Claremont.

In the coming months we'll be working to increase our total bike parking capacity even further by building new shelters, extending existing shelters, and upgrading existing facilities with high-density bike racks, which allows us to safely fit more bikes into each shelter.

The first new shelter, located at Perth Station, has already been completed and can securely house up to 40 bikes at a time.  The new shelter is fully-enclosed with SmartRider-only access and uses new high-density bike racks to ensure the most efficient use of space.  The new shelter is located outside Platform 9, facing Roe Street, right next to the existing u-rails.

Shelter security upgrade

The Lock ‘n’ Ride secure bike parking facility has been upgraded to allow as many passengers as possible to be registered to park at the shelters and now operates on a ‘first in’ basis.

The upgrade also includes the installation of additional CCTV cameras and audio units in and around each shelter. The CCTV cameras allow PTA security to monitor activity within the shelters, while the newly installed two-way audio units allow officers to speak with people inside the shelters who may require assistance.

Access to bike shelters requires a SmartRider card which as been registered for a designated shelter.  Access continues to be free, so why not ride your bike to the station and park in the secure bike shelters?  Like car parks, the bike shelters will operate on a first in system.

Remember, just as you wouldn’t leave your car unlocked in the car park, you’ll still need to lock your bike within the bike shelter.  A good bike lock is essential to deter thieves, even if using the bike shelters.

Existing and registered bike shelter users do not need to register again. To register your bike, visit Transperth online.

Shelters at the following stations have been upgraded with the new security system:

 Joondalup Line  Mandurah Line  Fremantle Line  Armadale Line  Midland Line
 Canning Bridge
 Cockburn Central
 Shenton Park
 Grant Street
 Victoria Street
 North Fremantle
 Oats Street

More information

  • For more information about the new shelters and the security system upgrade, call PTA Cycling Coordinator Jim Krynen on 9326 2383 or email
  • To register your bike, visit the Transperth website

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