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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Perth Station Digital Signage

Perth Station Digital Signage

Work to install four new digital advertising screens on Perth Station platforms took place from February to May 2017.

The 2.8m high by 4.5m wide screens, located on Platform 5, 6/7 and 8/9, are high enough to see over trains as they pull up along the platform.

Installation of the screens (which are owned by the PTA) was arranged by APN Outdoor Pty Ltd, who is contracted to place third-party advertising on Transperth infrastructure under a revenue-share arrangement.The cost of installing the screens will be recouped from the advertising revenue they generate. 

It should be noted that Transperth services are heavily (about 70 per cent) subsidised by the State Government. Total advertising revenue, which amounts to about $7 million a year, helps to offset this cost.

More information

For advertising opportunities at Perth Station, contact APN.

Non-advertising inquiries can be directed to or 13 62 13.

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