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Wednesday, 28 June 2017
ProjectsCompleted projectsBeenyup Bus Depot

Beenyup Bus Depot

Beenyup Bus Depot

Beemyup Bus Depot

Due to the significant growth of bus services in Perth’s northern suburbs, a new bus depot was built within the Water Corporation’s Beenyup Waste Water Treatment Reserve.

The Beenyup Bus Depot supplements the Karrinyup Bus Depot, which is at full capacity. The new depot primarily serves to operate buses that start and finish at Whitfords Station to minimise the unproductive empty running between the depot and the station. The Beenyup Bus Depot includes:

  • Parking for up to 60 buses
  • An administration office
  • Four-bay maintenance workshop
  • Refuelling and bus wash facilities
  • Staff parking

Beenyup Bus Depot began operations on Monday, 29 June 2015.

Bus Depot Operations

Transperth’s contracted bus service operator Swan Transit will operate the depot. Swan Transit has significant experience in managing bus depots in residential areas and currently manages the Karrinyup Bus Depot, which has residential neighbours directly along its boundary, and Beckenham Bus Depot, which has residential neighbours across the road.

Though designed to accommodate up to 60 buses, the Beenyup Bus Depot will initially have approximately 40 buses operating from the facility. It is expected that it will take several years before the Bus Depot reaches its maximum operating capacity.

The following measures will be in place to ensure the Bus Depot has minimal impact on the local community:

 Noise         Following independent modelling for the new bus depot, a three-metre noise wall was built on the western side and half way along the northern side of the Bus Depot to ensure noise impact remaind well below Department of Environment Regulation standards.
 Lighting The Bus Depot design focusces all lighting into the depot to minimise spill into the surrounding areas.
 Traffic The majority of bus movements to and from the Bus Depot will occur between 6.30am and 7am and 6pm and 7.30pm, which are outside of peak traffic flows. Bus access in/out of the Bus Depot will be via the Beenyup Waste Water Treatment Reserve Access Road. The PTA and Main Roads undertook some minor modifications to the intersection of the Reserve Access Road and Ocean Reef Road to improve the safety of vehicles using the intersection.
 Emissions All Transperth buses meet strict standards for exhaust emissions and the refuelling facility was fitted with filtered self-bunded fuel tank to eliminate fuel vapour. There are no current plans to operate gas buses from the Beenyup Bus Depot. Therefore a gas refuelling station will not be built at the facility.


More information
If you have any concerns or queries, call the PTA Customer feedback line on 13 62 13. 

Beenyup Bus Depot location

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