Perth City Link Rail Alliance

Delivering the project in a live rail environment, the safety and welfare of the project staff, passengers and general public is one of the Perth City Link Rail Alliance’s most critical values.

Every employee is required to follow the ‘Think, Act, Be Safe’ motto which involves identifying and removing or controlling hazards, regularly auditing and inspecting worksites, and going beyond legislative requirements in response to safety concerns.

Though the sinking of the Fremantle Line is occurring in a built-up urban environment, with little impact to flora and fauna, environmental management is still core to delivering the project.

The Perth City Link Rail Alliance’s Environment Team is responsible for monitoring, reporting, reviewing and continually improving environmental systems related to noise, dust, energy use, soil management and importantly, water management.

Quality Assurance underpins every single activity the Perth City Link Rail Alliance undertakes, from the initial concept and design to the manufacture and final construction process.  This ensures everything is completed to the Public Transport Authority’s high standards.

This process is managed by a fully integrated Quality Team who support every aspect of the process, from providing the necessary guidance to creating 'project specific' procedures to meet the Public Transport Authority’s objective of providing a first class service to Perth.