Perth City Link Rail Alliance

The Perth City Link Rail Alliance's committment
The Perth City Link Rail Alliance is committed to engaging the local community as often and as clearly as possible through its dedicated community relations team.

What you can expect
Perth City Link Rail Alliance encourages the community to directly contact the community relations team for more information, discuss concerns and work to resolve issues in a timely manner. The team will ensure active, ongoing and timely communications with the local community by:

  • communicating in an open, transparent and timely manner
  • informing the community and all other stakeholders of the project and its benefits
  • working with the design and delivery teams to find opportunities to minimise construction impacts on pedestrians, motorists, residents and businesses
  • communicating disruptions well in advance and using as many channels as possible
  • providing the local community with opportunities to discuss concerns and potential issues
  • responding promptly to community enquiries and concerns

Evaluation of our performance
We are committed to continually monitoring and improving our performance. We will:

  • review and evaluate feedback from stakeholders, including results of surveys, website tracking reports and social media activity to improve our performance; and
  • use community and other stakeholder feedback to improve communication and stakeholder relations.

Contact Details
Community Relations Team
1/647 Wellington Street, Perth WA 6000
Ph. 9263 4600