Sinking the Fremantle Line to make way for future redevelopment will see significant changes to Perth Station.

The changes include:

  • Demolishing all platforms west of the Horseshoe Bridge (currently Platform 6 west, 8 and 11);
  • Extending Platform 6 / 7 east under the Eastern Concourse;
  • Converting the current Platform 9 to become an island Platform 8 / 9;
  • Tunnelling under the Eastern Concourse to accommodate the new track servicing Platform 9;
  • Upgrading and extending the Perth Station roof to cover the new island platform;
  • Retiling all platforms;
  • Removing and storing the wooden footbridge connecting Platform 5 to Platform 6 / 7; and
  • Creating a new pedestrian underpass at the western end of the platforms to provide better connections between the platforms and Perth Underground Station.

The new island Platform 8 / 9 will ensure effective operations for major events can continue and that Perth Station can meet expected demand up to 2031.

More information on changes to Perth Station can be found in the Public Transport Authority’s Perth City Link - Rail Project Master Plan.

Map of Perth Station's final layout in 2014