The Fremantle Line has experienced many changes, upgrades and facelifts in its 130-year life.

Now it is about to undergo its biggest change since electrification – the sinking of the line from William Street to Lake/King Street as one of the first steps for the Perth City Link project.

And that’s not the only historic moment.

This is also the first time the Public Transport Authority (PTA) has chosen to deliver a project under an alliance agreement.

In March 2010, Premier Colin Barnett announced the Perth City Link Rail Alliance, between the PTA, John Holland and GHD, would undertake this complex work.

According to the PTA’s Major Projects Executive Director Ross Hamilton, the PTA chose an alliance model to deliver the rail project as it is often used for complex engineering and Construction projects located on operational sites.

“In an alliance, the owner works collaboratively with its contractors to form one team, sharing knowledge, experience and the project’s benefits and risks,” Ross said.

“It also provides a forum to achieve outstanding results in key project areas such as maintaining our services, safety and community communication.”

Working from a central office on Wellington Street, the Perth City Link Rail Alliance brings together teams from each organisation to deliver the iconic project.

Alliance Manager John Anderson said the team has spent the past two months working behind the scenes to finalise the design and planning.

“We have a long history of delivering rail projects and understand the importance of maintaining public transport services for commuters,” John said.

“That’s why we’re spending these early stages consulting with stakeholders to incorporate their needs in the design and planning.”


The Perth City Link Rail Alliance’s current scope of works is to:

  • Sink the Fremantle Line between William Street and Lake/King Street. This will create almost 600m of a new covered section of the Fremantle Line.
  • Upgrade Perth Station with new tiling, lighting and services and convert the current Platform 9 into an island Platform 8/9.
  • Create a new tunnel under the northern end of the Barrack Street Bridge to service the new Platform 9.
  • Extend the existing Joondalup line tunnel roof from Lake to Milligan Streets to be in line with the new Fremantle Line tunnel.
  • Create a new pedestrian underpass connecting Perth Underground Station to all the platforms at Perth Station.
  • Construct the first stage of the access ramp annd tunnel to the future underground Wellington Street Bus Station.