Minister for Transport Hon Troy Buswell MLA

Over the past hundred years many have dreamed of a better connection between the CBD and Northbridge. Now is the once in a lifetime opportunity to make this vision a reality.

The Perth City Link project will transform our city and deliver significant benefits through transport-oriented development for new residential, retail and commercial opportunities and high-quality public spaces.

Underpinning the project is the major transport infrastructure work to sink part of the Fremantle Line and build a new underground Wellington Street Bus Station. Removing these physical and psychological barriers will give Perth the opportunity to grow into an exciting city.

Collaboration will be the key to the Perth City Link’s success. Already the project is supported by three tiers of Government, led by the State Government through EPRA and the PTA. The next stage is for the public and private sector to come together to deliver key parts of the complex project.

The recently announced Perth City Link Rail Alliance brings together the PTA’s intimate knowledge of rail operations and passenger impact with John Holland and GHD’s experience in delivering major inner city rail projects. Together the Alliance will sink the Fremantle Line by 2014.

The next stage of works for the PTA is to build a new underground Wellington Street Bus Station, a project which will run from 2014 to 2016.

Our passengers come first and minimising commuter disruption is the PTA’s priority throughout this works.

That is why the rail and bus projects are delivered in distinct stages.

It is also the reason why the PTA has placed a special emphasis on keeping everyone aware of the project’s progress. This Platform newsletter is one of the many ways you will be kept informed on how the Perth City Link rail and bus projects are progressing.

Once the PTA’s works are completed in 2016, the way will be paved for up to $3 billion worth of private investment injected into Perth. This is the start of a new and exciting chapter in Perth’s history that will transform our city.