Since mid-2010 PTA Project Manager Ralph James has directed the forward works package currently underway at Perth Station in preparation for the sinking of the Fremantle Line by the Perth City Link Rail Alliance.

“Doing this work now places the PTA, and the Alliance, in a good position when the main
works begin,” Ralph said.

“For example the in-ground railway systems, which support the running of the network,
have been relocated away from the where the Alliance will be excavating the new tunnel.”

Other works have included major upgrades to Platform 6/7 at Perth Station.

The upgrade extends the platforms under the Eastern Concourse with new flooring, ceilings, lighting and services to ensure they can accommodate a six-car train when Platform 8 is demolished as part of the main rail works.

During the works, the existing Platform 6/7 floor slab was demolished to make way for new services, revealing an older platform floor slab below, which was also partly demolished to allow for the new works.

The forward works package is scheduled for completion in August 2011, ahead of the start of the rail works.