Wellington Street road work

From Saturday, 12 May road works will begin on Wellington Street as part of the Perth Station upgrades for Perth City Link.

Perth City Link Rail Alliance Manager John Anderson said the road works allowed Perth Station’s new pedestrian underpass to be connected to Perth Underground.

“In 2031, more than 22,600 people will use the pedestrian underpass to quickly and easily transfer between services in Perth Station and from Perth Underground. This is 22,600 less people driving on the roads,” he said.

The staged works will see Wellington Street reduced to one lane in both directions between William Street and the Forrest Place pedestrian crossing until late 2012.

In stage 2, in place until mid-2013, the two westbound lanes will be reinstated and eastbound will be one lane.

All bus stops between William Street and Barrack Street will close, but access between Forrest Place and Perth Station will remain open.

More information on how these works impact you is available at the Wellington Street works page.