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Lookout below!

Want a good view of the work underway to sink the Fremantle Line, learn a little bit about the construction work and see what the vision for the end project is?

Then head to the new lookout, near the toilets for the Wellington Street Bus Station, which is accessible by the escalators from Wellington Street up to the bus station.

The lookout provides a brief project history, timeline of works and artist impressions for City Square when it is completed by MRA.

And it’s viewing holes give you a bird’s eye view of the construction work happening below, as well as some down and dirty facts like:

The work to sink the Fremantle Line will move 83,000 cubic metres of dirt

Around 400 Olympic-sized swimming pools of water will be pumped out of the construction area and back into the surrounding area

Get to know more about one of WA’s biggest revitalisation projects and head to the lookout today.