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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

PTA consultancy panels

We have a number of consultancy categories in place for supplier panel arrangements


Panel Framework

The range of services required within the PTA panel framework has been grouped into the following panels based on readily identifiable work areas in the PTA and related sectors of professional disciplines and areas of expertise, as listed in the scope of panel section below.

If a lead consultant is selected for a project, the lead consultant’s services will include selection of a project team from the consultant panels using a selection process consistent with achieving value for money. It is the consultant’s responsibility to manage the selection of, and manage the service provided by sub-consultants to achieve the PTA’s required outcomes and coordination of these sub-consultants in delivery of the services.


Scope of panels

The table of the scope provides an elaboration of specific areas of professional disciplines and professional expertise available through the panels.

Panel matrix

Each panel matrix lists the consultants or ‘panel members’ who are available through the panels, including the services they are contracted to provide:

To download the Panel Member Business Manager contacts click here.

PTA panel users

The consultant panel framework has a focus on the needs within the PTA’s Network and Infrastructure (N&I) division. However, it is available for use by other PTA divisions in relation to the development and management of transport infrastructure to support the provision and use of transport services:

  • Infrastructure Planning and Land Services (IPLS) division
  • Major Projects division
  • Transperth System, Regional Town Services and School Bus Services (TSRSSBS) division
  • Use of the panel is mandatory. The PTA reserves the right at its absolute discretion to source services outside this panel arrangement if so determined by the PTA.

Contract term

The panels will be in operation for an initial five-year term starting from 1 March 2013 (Panel 1) / 1 April 2013 (Panel 2 – 6).  The PTA, at its sole discretion, may extend the operation of the panels and appointments to the panels for further periods of twelve months, such that the total aggregated duration of the panel arrangement shall not exceed eight years.

Invoicing and payment


Please ensure all invoices for payment, include the purchase order number as a reference.  When issuing invoices please send any electronic copies to or hardcopies to the following address:

Accounts Payable
Public Transport Authority
PO BOX 8125
Perth Business Centre WA 6849

Please reference the following information on all tax invoices, as per the instructions below:

Contract number: Enter in the contract number here
Project name: Enter in the name of the PTA project here
Contract name: Enter in the contract name here
Project manager: Enter in the project manager for the PTA here
*PO number: Enter in the purchase order number given in the Letter of Award

If you are unable to submit invoices or you have any queries regarding this invoicing procedure, please contact your contract administrator for assistance.

*The PTA requires purchase order (PO) numbers to be referenced on all invoices. Your Letter of Award will include a PO number which will also need to be referenced on the invoice.


Payment terms are normally 30 days. Payment of invoices will be by Electronic Funds Transfer.

Payments will be made against the purchase order (PO) raised for the work and total payments for the work will not exceed the amount of the PO.
The PTA will make payments to the consultant organisation only. The consultant is responsible for making any payments due to sub-consultants.


Timesheets for contracts in support of invoices

Consultants on an hourly rate contract must submit a timesheet for approval with the corresponding invoice. Our timesheet can be used by consultants to record time they spend each day on each project they work on.

This timesheet is for complex projects and may be simplified for smaller, less complex contracts. With the approval of the contract administrator, consultants may use their own timesheets in place of the one below, so long as the information has the same level of detail as the example timesheet provided.

Download the timesheet here:

Contract variation personnel changes

If there is a change of your technical representative, please complete the Contract Variation Personnel Changes Form and email it to PTA Panel Administrator Angela Cosoleto at

Download the form here:

Frequently asked questions

Go to our Consultancy Panel FAQs page for more information.

PTA consultancy panel contacts

Panel Administrator (enquiries about Panel arrangement)
Amy Ren
Contracts Admin and Tender Coordinator
(08) 9326 3775


Contract Administrators (enquiries about each Service Contract)
Infrastructure Planning and Land Services Division
Alan Ruthven (08) 9326 2184
Contract Administrators - Major Projects Division
Adrienne Bassett (08) 9326 2435
Kristie Leahy

(08) 9326 2059

Contract Administrators - Network and Infrastructure Division
Darryl Evans
Program and Projects
(08) 9326 3305
Georgia Leech
Program and Projects
(08) 9326 3414
Sheralee Westphal
Program and Projects
(08) 9326 3610
Cade Zulsdorf
Facilities and Infrastructure Branch
(08) 9326 2096
Terry Cunningham
Claisebrook Depot for Track and Civil, Electrical and Signals
(08) 9326 3727
Luke Harris
N&I Administration, PIP, OHS Safety, IT, Control Systems, Electrical Engineering, Signals and Communications Engineering

(08) 9326 2586

Contract Administrators – All other PTA Divisions
Amy Ren (08) 9326 3775

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