News Articles | 5 August 2016

This month PTA and SI-NRW have been busy progressing designs for the upcoming construction works

Over the past month PTA and Salini Impregilo-NRW Joint Venture (SI-NRW) have been busy progressing designs for the construction works at the three new station precincts, Belmont, Airport Central and Forrestfield, as well as for works at Bayswater. They will soon be ready to share these with the community. Designs will first be unveiled to members of the community advisory groups being established before feedback is sought from the wider community. 
In preparation for site establishment, SI-NRW have begun their first package of work for the project with site investigations starting at Forrestfield this week. PTA works in Belmont are also tracking well with construction along Central Ave reaching the half way point.


Community advisory groups established

Engagement with local businesses and residents remains a focus for the project team. To help ensure we remain aware of local issues, PTA is establishing community advisory groups for each of the community zones. We have already established groups at Bayswater and Forrestfield and soon recruitment will take place for Belmont.
At these meetings, members will be presented with design information and details of project progress, and asked to provide feedback, guidance and local knowledge. The Bayswater Community Group will focus on the temporary and permanent track and civil works on the Midland Line to connect the new Forrestfield Line to Perth. The Forrestfield Community Group will provide advice during site establishment and construction works that will take place in the near future.
Meeting summaries will be made available on the project website after they have been formalised.  


Central Ave forward works reach half way point

Over the last three months, a range of forward works in the Belmont Station Community Zone have been undertaken. These works have focused on connecting Central Ave to Dunreath Drive.
To date this has included the realignment of the Southern Main Drain and the relocation of Western Power overhead cables to underground. With these works now complete, the forward works have reached the half-way point, and focus will shift to road and earthworks.


Ground investigation works to begin at Forrestfield

Late in August SI-NRW will begin to prepare the area adjacent to Dundas Road for the site office, materials storage area and construction plant parking area. This will involve the demolition of buildings within the site area and preparation of the land to get it ready for construction activities associated with the tunnelling and station.
Prior to site clearing and establishment, SI-NRW will be further investigating the ground conditions in the area of the station and tunnels. The PTA has conducted earlier ground investigations in the area and these latest investigations will supplement the existing geotechnical data.
Ground investigations will be taking place  throughout August and involve the following activities:

  • geotechnical boreholes,
  • groundwater monitoring wells,
  • infiltration basins,
  • pumping test wells, and
  • traffic management and services locations.

No impacts to residents or businesses are anticipated during these investigations. If you have any queries or concerns regarding the ground investigations please feel free to contact the SI-NRW team on 1800 814 512 or via

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