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Works update

In time for the rainy months the crew has finished installing the station roof skylights. Designed to minimise energy use for lighting and assist patrons with wayfinding, the skylights align with the project's sustainability vision. The distinctive station roof will be visible from surrounding areas and clearly identify the entry point to the station.

The two lift shafts have also had glazing installed, while the assembly of the lift cabins is ongoing. Vertical transport in general played a big role in recent weeks, with the escalator fit-out now complete.

Outside of the station, works are underway on the foundations for the bus canopy. 

Backfilling of the station retaining wall has been completed and earthworks are progressing to shape the required permanent ground levels between the station and future access roads.

At the eastern end of site, the slurry treatment plant, used to process the soil excavated by the two tunnel boring machines, is being disassembled and the water treatment plant has been relocated to make room for the construction of the 1200-bay multi-deck car park.

The 135kv traction power substation is nearing completion. The traction power system supplies electric power to the suburban railway network, and the High Wycombe substation will house a single traction transformer. From here, electricity will be fed to the overhead line system. Current works include installation of in-ground services and a boundary wall near Maida Vale Road and Ibis Place.

At the southern end of the site, the stowage building is about 85 per cent complete, with only internal fit-out remaining.

High Wycombe Station

Located adjacent to Dundas Road, east of the Forrestfield freight marshalling yard and south of Maida Vale Road, High Wycombe Station will provide an accessible and efficient transport option to and from the city for Perth’s eastern suburbs and foothills.

Passengers will enter High Wycombe Station at an elevated arrival area with a clear view down to the 150m-long island platform below. Access to the platform will be via a SmartRider fare gate, with escalators, lifts and stairs taking passengers to the lower level to meet the train.

There will be facilities for passengers arriving at the station by bus, car, bicycle or foot, with eight active bus bays, parking for up to 1200 vehicles and safe cycle and pedestrian routes.

View a map of how we expect the area around High Wycombe Station (formerly Forrestfield Station) to look post-construction.

View an animation of the future High Wycombe Station (formerly Forrestfield Station) here.

To find out more, view the High Wycombe Station (formerly Forrestfield Station) (2.09MB) and High Wycombe Station (formerly Forrestfield Station) multi-deck car park fact sheets.

Forrestfield Station - concourse level  Forrestfield Station - platform level   Forrestfield Station - ticketing and lifts

The project team is working closely with local government to ensure the new station compliments their vision for the future of the local area. For more information about local planning visit the City of Kalamunda's website and view the METRONET East Redevelopment Area fact sheet.

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