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Works update

In preparation for the arrival of the TBMs at Bayswater Junction in the first half of 2020, some works are required on services currently located under a section of the principal shared path (PSP) adjacent to Guildford Road. As a result, a section of the PSP will be temporarily shifted on to Guildford Road from mid-January to May. There will be times when a second route will be required, using an existing path on the southern side of Guildford Road. Traffic management will be in place to guide PSP users.

View a map of the temporary changes to the PSP.

Within the dive structure construction of the portal building has been put on hold following the completion of the building’s lift shaft, which now spans several levels.

As the TBMs will be craned out in sections after breaking through the portal wall, the remainder of the building cannot be constructed until this set of work is completed.

Limestone pads have been built recently to support the 400-tonne crawler cranes responsible for lifting the TBM parts out of the dive structure.

Once the machines are dismantled, they will be removed from site and parts will be sold back to the manufacturer for reuse.

At the western end of site, following the completion of the retaining and noise walls, backfilling and compaction work is ongoing. At the same time electrical pits, pipes and soak wells are being installed.

Recently completed were the structures of the ballast box located on top of the Midland Line overpass. The ballast box consists of coarse aggregate (ballast) contained by concrete walls, which will hold the track in place, while allowing rainwater to drain.

View a map of the Bayswater Junction design - western section. (3.28MB)

View a map of the Bayswater Junction design - eastern section.

Bayswater Junction

Bayswater Junction refers to the area of rail reserve between Railway Parade and Whatley Crescent (from Cobden Street to Guildford Road) where the Forrestfield Line spurs from the Midland Line and trains will enter/exit the two twin-bored tunnels.

Bayswater Junction includes:

  • Dive structure (an underground, open-air structure which leads towards the tunnel portal),
  • Rail overpass (located above the dive structure, where trains travelling on the Midland Line will cross the Forrestfield Line),
  • Tunnel portal (underground structure where trains travelling on the Forrestfield Line will enter/exit the tunnels),
  • Supporting infrastructure (tunnel portal building).

View aerial images of how we expect Bayswater will look post-construction of the new line. (3.01MB)

Bayswater Station

Bayswater Station will become a major transport hub with the Forrestfield-Airport Link and the proposed Morley-Ellenbrook Line connecting to the Transperth network here.

To reflect its importance as an interchange station and heart of the Bayswater town centre, the station will undergo a major upgrade. Also additional rail infrastructure will be built between Bayswater and Meltham stations. 

The METRONET team and the City of Bayswater are working together to create a precinct and station upgrade that provides the best outcomes for the network and local community.

For more information visit the METRONET website

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