Redcliffe Station

Construction update

The last of the three new stations to commence construction and fit-out of the above-ground structure, Redcliffe Station is quickly catching up.

Within the station box lifts, escalators and stairs are being fitted out, with the latter having glass balustrades, handrails and stair coverings installed.

Glazing of the skylights in the main roof has been finalised, with all 86 panels in place.

Outside the main building all steel structures for the bus canopies and walkways have been erected, with roof and ceiling cladding in its final stages.

Cladding for the ventilation fan structures at either end of the station building is being installed. Four enclosed rooms in total – one per tunnel per side – will be located within the station precinct.

A series of roadworks in and around the Redcliffe Station construction site is ongoing. Works include excavation, drainage installation (new and existing), subbase laydown and compaction, asphalting, kerbing and paving.

The changes to the road layout will result in a modified T-intersection at Central Avenue and Second Street, and a new road linking Central and Bulong avenues.

Residents may hear some noise and feel some vibration from the machinery used. The roadworks may also generate dust which can be exacerbated by windy conditions. Water trucks will be used and heavier dust suppression measures applied to ground areas when there is no activity expected for a period, e.g. long weekends and public holidays.

There will also be times when traffic management is required, resulting in disruption to motorists and impacts to property access. These will be communicated to impacted residents ahead of time.

Final touches for this set of works, such as asphalting, line marking and signage, will be completed as soon as there is a suitable break in the wet weather.

Redcliffe Station

Redcliffe Station will be an underground station similar to Elizabeth Quay Station. The railway in this location will be fully underground, running inside the tunnel.

The station will benefit the community and surrounding catchment area by providing a bus/train interchange and car park with 500 bays, and allow for a 15-minute journey to the Perth CBD by rail.

View a map of how we expect the area around Redcliffe Station to look post-construction.

To find out more, view the Redcliffe Station fact sheet*.

The new station will support residential and business investment in the area. METRONET is working closely with the City of Belmont to develop a vision for the station precinct that will see the area planned and designed as a leading example of contemporary transit-oriented development.

* Please note that Redcliffe Station was incorrectly advertised as a one-zone fare, when in fact it is located within zone 2. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Artist's impressions

The below artist's impressions provide an overview of what the station and precinct may look like in the future.


The number of car bays at Redcliffe Station


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15 minutes

The rail journey from Redcliffe Station to the CBD


fare to the CBD

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