News Articles | 25 March 2021

Quite a bit of headway has been made in the rail area since our last update in early February.

Track laying within the tunnels and dive structures is now at 65 per cent – that is more than 10km of slab track completed!

All foundations and masts for the overhead line equipment have also been installed in the dive structures at either end of the tunnels.

Another milestone was achieved mid-February, when the city-bound Midland Line tracks were shifted to their permanent location. Trains are now crossing over the dive structure before reaching Bayswater Station, located about 1km to the west.

This weekend Bayswater Junction will see the final shift of the east-bound Midland Line tracks. These will move slightly south to be situated along the northern side of the dive structure. To facilitate the work a 56-hour shutdown of the Midland Line is necessary, commencing Friday evening and finishing Monday morning. Due to the proximity of operating rail and the required isolation of power for safety reasons, works must be done when trains are not operating.

Tiles, soil and power for High Wycombe Station

High Wycombe Station reached a new stage mid-March, when the station transformers and main switchboard were energised. This means the station is only one step away from running off its permanent power supply.

At concourse and platform levels terrazzo tiling works are nearing completion, with the current focus on installation of tactile paving. Tactile tiles are textured ground surface indicators that assist pedestrians who are vision impaired.

Along the rail corridor, adjacent to the platform, top soil is being placed in preparation for vegetation planting to begin mid-year.

Further north the multi-deck car park structure and ground level asphalting is now complete, with fit-out works ongoing.

Decorative aluminium at Airport Central Station

Holey moley – it is all coming together! The emergency escape stairs at Airport Central Station have recently taken cover behind a screen made of 4mm-thick perforated aluminium. The ‘bubble’ pattern goes well with the champagne colour of the screen, allowing for plenty of air circulation.

Inside the station building, at the Skybridge level, glass balustrades are being installed, allowing uninterrupted views of the atrium architecture.

Further down, at concourse level, escalator fit-out is nearing completion, while installation of lighting front and back of house is ongoing.

Redcliffe Station precinct bustling

Roadworks inside and outside the construction boundary at the Redcliffe site are well advanced, with asphalting of the new north/south connection road imminent. Installation of drainage is ongoing throughout the entire station precinct.

Roof sheeting works have now transitioned to the busways alongside the station building. Six bus bays and four layover stands will be available, providing passengers with direct undercover access to the station.

Below ground, at platform level, metal panels are being fastened to the ceiling framework, while the cabling crew is busy pulling cables for a range of services.

Bayswater Junction living up to its name

Who would have thought you could find diamonds in rail track construction? Well, there are two on the new Airport Line – diamond crossings to be precise. Located within the dive structures at Bayswater and High Wycombe, diamond crossings are intersections of two parallel tracks, enabling trains to change from one to the other. The skeleton track for the first crossing is now in place at Bayswater, ready to be embedded in concrete.

Fit-out of the portal building is ongoing, with recent works including fitting of louvres to enable airflow to the tunnel ventilation fans. Scheduled for April is the installation of the lift car, which can transport passengers from the tunnel to the surface in case of an emergency.

More digging around egress shaft

Similar to current works within the Redcliffe Station precinct, the area around Wright Crescent Emergency Egress Shaft (EES) is undergoing trenching works for drainage installation.

Within the ancillary buildings at both Wright Crescent and Airport West EES, epoxy coating of the floor areas is progressing.

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