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While the majority of the new alignment is located underground, sections of track around High Wycombe Station and the adjacent stowage area, as well as at Bayswater Junction, are located at ground level.

These sections of track are placed on a bed of crushed stones, referred to as ballast. The ballast supports the sleepers and rail, keeping them in place while trains run. Ballast also assists with water drainage.

The first length of above-ground track – including the first turnout – is now in place at Bayswater Junction. It is here where the Midland and Airport Line tracks will merge before trains arrive at Bayswater Station.

Check out the project website's Tunnel Rail Tracker for the latest underground track laying updates.

High Wycombe Station car park on way up

Works at the 1200-bay multi-deck car park are well-progressed. Ground level footings and columns are in place, and more than half of the hollow core beams to support the first level have been installed. Concrete pours to complete this level will be ongoing until the end of the year.

With Perth being one of the sunniest capital cities in the world, using solar power on the new alignment makes a lot of sense. The crew has started installing the first of 626 solar panels at High Wycombe Station. The system is designed to generate enough electricity to meet the average summertime daytime power demand of all three new stations.

Backfilling of the station precinct is also ongoing with about 40,000 of 60,000 cubic metres of soil placed. This is necessary to bring the station entry to final level.

Airport Central Station impressive entry to WA

Premier Mark McGowan and Transport Minister Rita Saffioti agreed at a recent visit that Airport Central Station's lofty atrium will be an impressive entry for future visitors to WA. 

Arriving via the Skybridge, the 55-second ride down the main escalator – currently at fit-out stage – will give passengers a chance to admire the stunning architecture.

Cladding of walls and ceilings is ongoing at all levels of the station, eventually hiding the seemingly endless kilometres of cables, cable trays and pipes the fit-out team is busy installing. 

New roof quite the eye-catcher at Redcliffe

The station roof structure is nearly complete, apart from the western-most module, which has been left open intentionally to enable equipment to be lowered into the station box via crane.

Keen observers may also have noticed that the roof has started to branch out to either side, with steel columns already in place for the north and south wing. 

Less obvious – yet equally important – are ongoing fit-out works within the two underground levels of the station. At the mezzanine level epoxy painting of the floor is nearing completion, and cable trays and refrigeration pipes are being installed in most rooms. At platform level frames are being screwed into the ceiling in preparation for ceiling panel fitting.

Railway junction taking shape in Bayswater

At the centre of the Bayswater construction site, ballast placement on the Midland Line overpass is ongoing, and advanced installation of overhead line equipment masts and fittings brings the area closer to resembling a railway junction.

Another set of night works is scheduled for early December, to be followed by a number of 56-hour shutdowns in the new year, when the city-bound Midland Line track will be shifted to its final location crossing the dive structure.

With one team busy working on all things rail, another crew is adding the final touches to the portal building's exterior at the eastern end of site. Upper roof sheeting and wall cladding works are just about finished, with fire proofing of the structure underway.

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