Media Statements | 28 February 2020

METRONET's Forrestfield-Airport Link is continuing to take off with Airport Central Station now at 70 per cent completion and work on the Skybridge linking Perth Airport and the future train station almost finished.

  • Airport Central Station 70 per cent complete with first roof modules installed last week
  • Skybridge link between Airport Central Station and Perth Airport close to completion
  • More than 700 workers currently employed on Forrestfield-Airport Link project and 70 workers employed on Skybridge site
  • Six METRONET projects underway this year alone, creating thousands of jobs

The first girders of Airport Central Station's 137-tonne steel roof structure have been craned into place, with the steel fabricated locally by Naval Base company Pacific Industrial Co.
The roof modules will be craned into place over a three-month period, before specially designed sheeting, which will reduce glare for pilots flying in and out of Perth Airport, is installed.
The roof installation comes as TBM Grace, the first tunnel-boring machine, finishes its work, having broken through into the Bayswater Station dive structure on February 18.
TBM Sandy is expected to break through towards the middle of the year, marking the successful completion of tunnelling on the project.
By the end of their three-year journey, the machines will have travelled eight kilometres each.
At Skybridge level, the steel frame for the link between the station entry and the 280-metre-long elevated walkway has been constructed and travelators and information screens installed.
When the Forrestfield-Airport Link opens in the second half of 2021, the fully enclosed walkway will provide a comfortable link from the station to Terminal 1, with access to Terminal 2.
The railway will provide a 20-minute direct link between the eastern foothills and the central business district - as well as the wider public transport network - via the airport. About 2,000 jobs will be created as part of the project.
Comments attributed to Premier Mark McGowan:
"The Forrestfield-Airport Link is an important part of METRONET and when it opens next year it will provide an accessible public transport link for thousands of Western Australians and tourists.
"I am pleased to see the roof steel has been fabricated locally in Naval Base, supporting local jobs and showing off the calibre of work performed by Western Australian businesses.
"About 2,000 jobs have been created on this project alone, with more than 700 people currently employed, and 70 jobs created as part of the Skybridge project.
"We are getting on with building METRONET and this year alone will have six major projects under construction."
Comments attributed to Transport Minister Rita Saffioti:
"Until now, construction of Airport Central Station has been predominantly underground with significant excavation undertaken to build the three-level railway hub.
"While most works to date have been largely hidden, construction of this massive roof structure marks a new phase in above-ground construction for this project - an architectural milestone.
"Now that the train station frame is beginning to take shape, it's hard not to get excited about what's to come - a brand new way for locals and staff to travel to and from Perth Airport, and an impressive gateway for tourists to our incredible city.
"I know from my own travels just how pleasant it is to be able to get straight off a plane and on to a fast, safe, efficient and comfortable rail service, especially when you're in an unfamiliar city or country.
"Once the Forrestfield-Airport Link is up and running in late 2021, the journey from the airport will be a fantastic part of the adventure of travelling in Perth."
Comments attributed to Perth Airport CEO Kevin Brown:
"The development of Airport Central Station and its link to the terminals via the Skybridge will provide a seamless passenger experience to our terminals.
"Perth Airport is planning to spend up to $2.5 billion building new and expanded facilities to achieve consolidation of commercial air services to the airport central location - where Airport Central Station is located - by 2025.
"This will deliver Western Australia the maximum economic benefit from the Federal and State Governments' multi-billion dollar investments in road and rail projects made in recent years.
"Perth Airport's focus is on providing an efficient and modern airport that provides maximum economic benefits for the State and a quality travel experience for all Western Australians." 

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