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Up for a bit of tunnel vision? Fit-out of the tunnels is going well, with crews working round the clock.

There is a lot more to underground rail than just the tunnel structure and track. A number of components – with progress updates listed below – need to work in unison to ensure a smooth passenger experience.

1) Slab track: 100%
2) Overhead conductor rail (power to trains): 80%
3) Cable trays: 99%
4) Walkway: 38%
5) Hydraulic fire pipes: 97%
6) 22kV cable (power to infrastructure): 93%

And there is more! Rail signalling is another chapter of works, with installation of this complex system about 50 per cent complete.

Bayswater portal building close to energisation

At the eastern end of site works are wrapping up on the tunnel portal building. With a few sunny days in a row painting of the outside area is underway, and commissioning activities have commenced in the lead up to the final energisation of the building.

Also on the agenda for the first half of August is the relocation of the main site access from the corner of Whatley Crescent and Newton Street to Guildford Road. This will enable crews to construct the permanent access path for maintenance staff and the principal shared path, and to make a start on landscaping.

Cladding left, right and centre at Redcliffe

Redcliffe Station’s own air fresheners (aka tunnel ventilation structures) are receiving their final cover. A total of 384 patterned panels in a ‘silver kinetic pearl satin’ finish are needed for all four structures, with more than half in place already.

Within the station building, plumbing fixtures such as toilets and sinks are being installed. And the final section of the main station roof, which had been left open to facilitate material and equipment being craned into the station box, has been closed.

Air, light and elevation featuring at Airport Central 

Airport Central Station's ventilation system is catching up to Redcliffe Station's, with ducting works between the tunnels and fans at ground level in full swing. 

At concourse level glass balustrades are being installed around the voids in the floor, which in return allow for natural light to filter all the way down to the platform.

Lift fit-out across all levels is also ongoing, with the lifts being extra wide to allow for passengers and their luggage.

Less rain means more roads at High Wycombe 

Roadworks along Dundas and Maida Vale roads are coming to an end! With weather conditions finally improving, pouring of concrete for the roundabout and median strips, paving of islands, and landscaping are underway. 

After finishing construction of the adjacent 1200-bay multi-deck car park last month, crews have now progressed to the commissioning phase.

And at the other end of site, within the High Wycombe Station train stowage area, landscaping around the stormwater basin has been completed, ready for water-loving creatures to settle.

Doors galore below ground

Did you know that the 12 tunnel-to-tunnel cross passages of the Airport Line are not that different to regular buildings? While they don't have windows, each cross passage has a number of doors – one at each end, and several to stow away equipment required to operate the tunnels. Just like regular houses they also have ceilings that hide the ducting for air conditioning and a plethora of cables. More than 75 per cent of the fit-out works are now complete.

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