News Articles | 11 December 2020

With the end of the year in sight it's all hands on deck to finalise a number of jobs before the break.

The track laying crew has been very busy within the tunnels. As a result both sections of tunnel between Redcliffe and Airport Central stations now have completed slab track. Track has also been laid within both stations on either sides of the island platforms. 

In excess of 5.5km of track is now in place and crews have recently relocated to install more track in Tunnel One between Redcliffe and Bayswater.

Most site operations over the Christmas and New Year period will stop on Thursday December 24 and recommence on Monday January 4. A dust suppressant will be applied for dust control in non-trafficked areas and security patrols will be undertaken regularly.

We would like to take this opportunity and wish you a wonderful and safe holiday period.

High Wycombe Station capturing the sun

With 626 solar panels installed and an area of more than 1300 square metres covered, it's time to tick off another big job at High Wycombe Station. The sea of blue complements the rusty red colours of the station's main roof, while the 275kW system is designed to generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 50-60 households.

Within the station buildings finishing touches are the current focus, ranging from installation of sanitary ware, lights, handrails and balustrades, to fitting the roller door for the main entry.

Preparation works are also underway for tiling of the station platform, with 80 per cent of the screed (layer of material between concrete slab and tiles) complete.

Above-ground activity at Airport Central Station

In addition to ongoing cable pulling and fit-out works within the station building, crews have mobilised to the western end of the Airport Central Station site to commence grading works. This ground preparation method is the first step in reinstating the permanent rental car return area. Once complete the section will be handed back to Perth Airport, reducing the footprint of the overall construction site.

Also underway is the construction of the steel frames around the above-ground ventilation fans. Three fans each will be located at the western and eastern sides of the station building above the tunnels. Capable of pushing 70 cubic metres of air per second into either direction they will assist with tunnel pressurisation and, in the case of a fire, smoke extraction.

Redcliffe Station partly under cover

The last of the three new stations to commence construction and fit-out of the above-ground structure, Redcliffe Station is quickly catching up. 

Installation of glass panels on the lift shafts between ground and platform level is underway. Glazing of the skylights in the main roof has also started, along with roof sheeting works.

Outside the main building all steel columns for the bus canopies and walkways are now in place. The respective roof structures are scheduled to be finished before the Christmas break.

Similar to Airport Central Station, frames for the ventilation fan compartments are being erected at either end of the station building. Four enclosed rooms in total – one per tunnel per side – will be located within the station precinct.

Bayswater portal works advanced

Within the dive structure, at the tunnel entries, construction of the sealing ring to Tunnel One is almost complete, with waterproofing works underway at Tunnel Two.

More than 10 metres above, the portal building structure has been finalised, with mechanical and electrical fit-out of all three levels now underway. Ventilation fan installation is also planned at this location, with fans to be lifted into the building through openings on either side.

In the centre of site, ballast (gravel) has been placed on top of the new track along the Midland Line overpass, ready for the tamping machine to pack the ballast around the sleepers.

At the western end, final earthworks and Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) installation is ongoing in preparation for the realignment of Midland Line trains early next year.

Final set of emergency egress stairs in place

Installation of steel modules for the staircase and the landings at Airport West Emergency Egress Shaft (EES) are nearing completion. With the roof structure of the upper ancillary building already in place this concludes major steel works at the site. Up next, in the new year, will be roof sheeting and fit-out works.

The first quarter of 2021 will also change the face of the Wright Crescent EES site, with the planned removal of cranes freeing up space for earthworks around the shaft and building, including landscaping and permanent fencing. 

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