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The power of travel

Welcome to the October project update 

If you think rail looks complex, you are correct! It’s one thing to have the track on the ground, but it is the matching overhead traction power infrastructure that helps the trains move. Installation of the latter in the tunnels and dive structures is 99 per cent complete, with only minor adjustments outstanding.

It's also full steam ahead for the team looking after energisation of the individual structures. It started with the station and portal buildings in High Wycombe in early September, which were closely followed by the Abernethy Road Emergency Egress Shaft (EES). 

Electricity required to operate all aspects of the new alignment is distributed from High Wycombe via the tunnels all the way to Bayswater Junction. The 25kV traction power for the trains is contained within the overhead line equipment, with the 22kV power for the stations and other buildings travelling through separate cables.

So far, high voltage energisation has advanced all the way to Airport West EES (near Terminals 3 and 4), with low voltage connected to the main switchboard at Airport Central Station.

A breath of fresh air at Bayswater Junction

With the three high-performance tunnel ventilation fans firmly installed on the top level of the Bayswater portal building, focus has shifted to assembling the connection.

Spanning three levels, air will travel through ducts, splitters, dampers and nozzles, before being pushed into the tunnels at high velocity.

Also underway this month is the planting of trees and other vegetation along the eastern part of the principal shared path at Bayswater Junction. Earthworks and mulching of the western part are ongoing.

Paving the way to trains in Redcliffe 

Works are well underway laying 1800 square metres of paving for the southern station forecourt. More than 80 per cent of the three-colour pattern, which will tie in nicely with three triangular garden beds, is already in place. 

Underneath the station roof, the screed for the floor tiles is 75 per cent complete, while finishing touches are being applied to the public and staff toilets.

Down below, at platform level, smoke baffles are being installed around openings in the ceiling. These glass panels create a smoke and heat reservoir in the case of a fire, trapping the smoke layer above head height to aid safe, unobtrusive evacuation.

Pavers and tiles setting the scene at Airport Central 

Following the platform and elevated entry levels, floor tiling has also commenced at concourse level within Airport Central Station's atrium.

The equivalent to tiling on the inside, paving of the forecourt adjacent to the station building has also made headway within the last month. To the immediate east of the building, paving for Transperth staff car bays is largely finished. At the northern side, underneath the Skybridge and next to the control tower, pavers are starting to tie in with the bordering car parks.

To the delight of all crews working on the levels below ground, progress in energisation along the alignment resulted in permanent lighting being switched on recently.

Bollards, benches and beds at High Wycombe 

October is all about street- and landscaping at High Wycombe Station. With roads asphalted and kerbs installed, bollards to keep vehicles out of pedestrian areas are being erected. Concrete footpaths are being poured across all areas, and irrigation systems installed on either side of the paths. Garden beds – some framed by pre-cast bench seating – are being filled with subgrade, topsoil and mulch, ready for planting. Most advanced is the 'kiss and ride' area, where the first lot of trees is already in the ground.

At the eastern end of site, demolition of temporary work areas is ongoing.

Cross passage energisation tally on the up

Joining High Wycombe and Airport Central stations, the first four of 12 tunnel-to-tunnel cross passages have been successfully connected to permanent power.

Wright Crescent EES is starting to catch up to the 'leading' emergency egress shaft at Abernethy Road, with lift installation at 95 per cent completion and hard landscaping, including realignment of a short section of the shared path, at the final stage.

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