News Articles | 15 November 2019

There’s been a lot happening around our project sites since the last update, including the first delivery of rail at Forrestfield Station.

Airport Central Station also achieved an important milestone, with the installation of steel frames for the lifts that will transport passengers between all levels now complete.

Both tunnel boring machines (TBMs) have been working hard, completing more than 12km of tunnelling in total and installing more than 7000 rings in the process. They are being closely followed by the concrete crew, who have poured more than 3000 metres of track slab between the Forrestfield tunnel portal and Redcliffe Station.

If you’d like chat with us about the project, we’ll be at the DFO in Redcliffe on Saturday November 23. You'll find us near Jim Kidd Sports between 10am and 6pm.

First rail delivered to Forrestfield Station
Forrestfield site has taken its first delivery of rail with almost 9000 metres unloaded to date. Sections of rail will be welded together before installation commences in the first half of next year. 

Fit-out of the station building and the store rooms at platform level is ongoing. The fit-out includes ducting work for air conditioning systems, cabling for electrical and communications systems, and modules for the toilet systems. Painting of the ceiling has also commenced at the southern end of the station building.

Installation of steel columns, which will support the upper roof section, has commenced at platform level. This is a significant milestone for Forrestfield Station.

At the portal building, located above the tunnel entry and exit points, external cladding has been fixed to the steel framework, which finalises construction of the building superstructure.

Bayswater Junction preparing for TBM arrival
At the Bayswater Junction portal, works on the portal building’s lift shaft have been completed, with the shaft now spanning several levels.

Currently under construction is the topping slab, which will enable the building to sit partly atop the dive structure. Once finalised, works in this area will be put on hold until both TBMs have broken through into the dive structure. Here they will be dismantled and craned out in sections, some of which will be recycled by the manufacturer.

At the Midland Line overpass, where trains travelling from Midland to Perth will cross over the Forrestfield Line, steel and concrete works have recommenced for construction of the overpass ballast box. The ballast box effectively consists of concrete walls and a base of coarse aggregate (ballast) responsible for holding the rail track in place, while allowing rainwater to drain.

Throughout the site the rest of the team is busy installing soak wells and electrical pits.

Steel lift frames installed at Airport Central Station
Installation of steel frames for the lifts that will transport passengers from the elevated entry of the station to concourse level, and then on to platform level, has recently been completed.

Additional vertical transport works are underway at ground level, where pits for two emergency staircases are currently being excavated. Once complete, foundations will be poured and the staircases installed.

The final section of the concourse level slab, located at the western end of the station, has recently been poured and is now curing.

Redcliffe Station works rising to new level
Did you know that there is a secret level at Redcliffe Station? Located between the ground and platform levels at both ends of the station, the mezzanine levels will be accessible only by staff and house mechanical facilities to assist with the operation of the tunnels. Precast planks and steel reinforcement have already been installed at the eastern side, with western side works yet to commence.

At the station’s car park, steel frames for the motorcycle shelters have been installed. Once the shelters are complete, commuters will be able to park their motorcycles undercover and walk across to the station to catch the train.

Bicycle shelters will be located within the station precinct at ground level.

Precast panels installed at Wright Crescent
At Wright Crescent Emergency Egress Shaft, the erection of concrete precast panels for the lower section of the portal building is now complete. Installation of the steel roof sheeting – including welding and grouting work – is about to commence and will take around two weeks.

At Cross Passage Car Park C, steel reinforcement has been installed and waterproofing of the passage between the two main tunnels is underway. This set of work is due to be completed by the end of the month, taking the cross passage tally up to five.

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