News Articles | 11 June 2021

Track laying for the future Airport Line is more than 95 per cent complete, with only a few sections of slab track and ballasted track left to complete.

While one crew is finishing up the final slab track concrete pours at the High Wycombe end of the tunnels, another crew is busy installing overhead conductor rail (OCR) at the Bayswater end.

The OCR set-up (pictured above) consists of several components and is ultimately responsible for supplying power to the trains within the tunnels. Anchor bolts, drop tubes, swing arms, aluminium rails, and wires are being installed using hi-rail vehicles that are able to operate both on roads and rail tracks.

Overall, construction is on the home stretch and will be followed by a testing and commissioning period, as well as driver training.
Did you know: Ten three-car set B-series trains (like the ones currently operating on the Joondalup to Mandurah lines) were acquired specifically for this project and are already in use on the Transperth network.

Bayswater Junction putting trees back on the map

Within the next few weeks work will commence on construction of the permanent principal shared path (PSP) between Whatley Crescent and the rail reserve.

This in turn will enable the landscaping crew to commence revegetation along the side of the PSP and around the tunnel portal building. Included in this set of works is the replanting of a number of trees along Whatley Crescent.

Concrete pours to embed the sleepers of the diamond crossing within the Bayswater dive structure are now complete, as is the removal of the remaining ballast from the temporary Midland Line tracks.

Coming up for air at Redcliffe Station

With the erection of structures to house four large tunnel ventilation fans (one above each entry/exit of the tunnels) complete, ducting work is up next to connect the tunnels to the fans.

Depending on the mode, these ventilation fans either push fresh air into the station/tunnels or draw air (smoke) out of the tunnels. The set-up will be operated by a highly intelligent control system.

At platform level work is ongoing to install cladding, with the fit-out of escalators and lifts underway. Final touches to all levels will include tiling, painting and installation of artwork, which is scheduled to begin in August.

Airport Central Station reducing footprint

As the project is getting closer to completion, the construction footprints have started to shrink. Originally covering around 17,000 square metres – not a lot considering its complexity – the Airport Central Station site has lost its ‘wings’. More than 2500 square metres on the western end have been converted into car bays, with the east ‘wing’ being prepared for release later on.

Within the different levels of the station building, fit-out works are underway aplenty: final coats of paint, tiling, ducting, cladding – you name it! Even directional signage for passengers is starting to appear, putting a real finishing touch to some of the surfaces.

Road network coming together in High Wycombe

Asphalting of a section of Maida Vale Road between Dundas Road and Ibis Place will take place next week, depending on the weather.

​Within the construction site boundary subgrade and road base installation is well advanced and the outline of the future roads visible. This has enabled crews to make a start on concrete garden beds and paving of the station forecourt.

Fixed furniture and carpentry installation within the High Wycombe Station buildings are complete, and all lighting on the outside of the buildings is in place.

Lift installation up and running at EES

At Airport West Emergency Egress Shaft (EES) lift installation works are underway, while crews are also busy installing high voltage cables between the tunnels and the ancillary building at ground level.

Further to the west the ancillary buildings at Wright Crescent EES are receiving their final coat of paint, with the lift crew expected to mobilise shortly.

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