News Articles | 4 August 2022

Emergency exercises a success

Welcome to the July/August project update

Testing and commissioning has reached the next milestone, with three emergency exercises involving passengers completed recently. The exercises successfully trialled the evacuation of a station, as well as of trains via the emergency egress shafts.

With the Airport Line introducing new and novel infrastructure to the existing Transperth network, it is very important that emergency responders are familiar with the alignment.

A number of participants got to practise their acting skills, using fake blood and moulage to keep emergency responders on their toes.

The overhead lines have been de-energised again to allow for a series of work to be undertaken within the tunnels before training for drivers and operational staff begins. 

Get your tickets at High Wycombe

High Wycombe Station has welcomed ticket machines, with two vending machines recently installed.

At the multi-deck car park, automation has also arrived in form of SmartParker machines, the easiest and quickest way to pay for parking at Transperth car parks. As you leave your car and head to the station, simply use your registered SmartRider to tag on your car and continue on your journey.

Tag on at Airport Central

It’s fair to say that fare gates are now fair and square at Airport Central Station! Located at concourse level, these gates are extra wide, allowing a little more room for travellers with luggage.

Weight testing of the vertical transport also took place recently, with weights mimicking passengers placed on the escalators and lifts to make sure they can perform under pressure.

Buzzing busway at Redcliffe

As part of commissioning activities at Redcliffe Station, bus and passenger movements have been simulated to ensure pick-up lines line up once the station is buzzing.

Check out the first buses to make their way around the station here.

Keeping it outdoors, it's all about beautification with landscaping completed adjacent to the busway.

For after hours security, roller doors and swing gates have also been installed at ground level. 

Bayswater Junction winding down

Focus remains on finishing touches at Bayswater Junction, with landscaping and cleaning continuing, along with site demobilisation works. 

The western end of the principal shared path (PSP) has been handed over to the New Bayswater Station project. Works have begun to build a retaining wall as part of the track alignment for the new station. These works will continue until later this year, requiring the new PSP along Whatley Crescent to remain closed.

Emergency Egress Shaft pumps and weights

Sump pumps have been installed at the Airport West Emergency Egress Shaft. Located in the shaft’s basement, which is one of the lowest points of the underground infrastructure, they are used to pump water that has been collected through the tunnel drainage system to the surface.

Similar to Airport Central Station, weight testing has also been taking place on the lifts at the three emergency egress shafts.

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