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With the arrival of the tunnel boring machines and all four major construction sites becoming operational in 2017, this year will be our busiest yet.


The new year has seen construction ramping up at Forrestfield, with works on the diaphragm walls, tunnel cross-passage, sub-station and site establishment underway. The partial closure of Brearley Avenue this week will allow works to establish the Belmont construction site to begin shortly. Simultaneously, works are continuing at Airport Central to relocate some car rental booths, long term parking bays and services to make way for construction of the underground station box structure.

Forrestfield Station designs

Artist impressions of the future Forrestfield Station were released by the Transport Minister Bill Mamion earlier this month. 

"Forrestfield Station will change the face of the area and has been designed with the future community and the surrounding landscape of the Darling Scarp in mind," Mr Marmion said.

"With its soaring eaves and geometric style, the station will offer passengers easy transfer options between rail, bus, bike, car and walking."

View the artist impressions of Forrestfield Station.


Closure of Brearley Avenue

From tomorrow, 17 January 2017, Brearley Avenue will be permanently closed between First Street and Dunreath Drive to make way for construction of the new Belmont Station. The plan to close Brearley Avenue was prepared as part of the Gateway WA project, which identified that the road was no longer required for airport traffic due to the new direct link to Dunreath Drive via Tonkin Highway. 

Main Roads WA has prepared a number of 'how to' videos to illustrate how drivers can now access Perth Airport's T3 and T4. Watch the videos here. Local traffic access across Brearley Avenue will be maintained at First Street. 

After the road is closed, SI-NRW will take possession of the Belmont site on 1 February. Early works and site establishment will remain the focus of construction activities until mid-2017, after which station construction will commence. 


Work begins on first cross passage

As two parallel tunnels will be bored as part of the Forrestfield-Airport Link, cross passages linking both tunnels will be built to meet safety requirements. The cross passages allow entry/exit from one tunnel to the other. Emergency egress shafts are then built at points along the tunnel to allow access to the surface. Preparation to build the first of the cross passages, located along Dundas Road in Forrestfield, will start from 23 January.

The first stage of works to construct the cross passage will use the jet grouting process (see page two of the works fact sheet), which creates concrete blocks underground. The tunnel boring machines will tunnel through the concrete blocks, then additional equipment will be used to excavate a path between the two tunnels to form the passage.


Airport Central site works underway

One of the project’s construction sites will be located near the control tower at Perth Airport, where an underground station will be built to service both domestic and international terminals.

To make way for the works a number of activities are required, including new pedestrian crossings, road realignments and the relocation of some car rental booths, long term parking bays and services. These works began in December and are expected to be completed in March 2017. This will enable construction of the underground station box structure to commence from March 2017 to February 2018.

The project team is working closely with Perth Airport to ensure minimal disruption to travellers, motorists and local businesses during the works.

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