News Articles | 30 January 2015

A round-up of the latest Forrestfield-Airport Link news from January 2015.

January 2015 update

This month, the Australian Railways Association (ARA) released a report demonstrating how Perth commuters can save more than $10,000 per year by selling their cars and using public transport instead. This is a report that is welcomed by the Public Transport Authority and bodes well for the long-term success of the Forrestfield-Airport Link.


The new rail route will provide a 20 minute rail journey from Forrestfield to Perth, compared to the 45 minutes it currently takes by car in peak hours, and will halve the current 70 minute journey time from Kalamunda. Improved bus feeder networks to Forrestfield Station will also encourage local residents to use public transport, as well as improving their connectivity.


Reducing impact on the surrounding communities during construction and operation continues to be a key priority for the project. Noise and vibration monitoring has been carried out in various locations along rail route over the past two months.


The results of these studies will inform more detailed noise and vibration modelling as the project progresses and will also be communicated to residents living adjacent to the rail route. 

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