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Works are underway to ensure key support infrastructure is in place and ready for the first TBM to begin tunnelling in July this year. However, before the TBMs can start digging the 8kms of tunnels, they each need a name.


Help name and decorate our TBMs

Students across WA, from Kindergarten through to Year 12, have a chance to make history by naming and decorating our TBMs. Transport Minister Rita Saffioti launched the competition on 10 April, explaining how students can get involved.

 "We’re looking for a name for each TBM which relates to the student, their community, transportation or engineering – as long as it’s female, submissions can be as creative as participants like – they can even be made-up names.

“We’re also looking for children with artistic flair to decorate the sides of our TBMs with artwork showing how the new underground rail line will benefit their community.”

Visit the website for details on how to enter.


Pre-casting the tunnel segments

A large warehouse within the Forrestfield industrial area has been converted into a pre-cast facility to manufacture the concrete segments used to build the tunnels.

By the end of April, the Carolyn Way site will be in full operation to create a stockpile of segments ready for the start of tunneling. The pre-cast segments will be constructed using steel moulds specifically designed to meet the specifications of the Forrestfield-Airport Link. A carousel system will move the moulds through the various workstations in the production process. This includes demoulding, cleaning, reinforcement installation and concreting. The segments are then conveyed into a heated tunnel for accelerated curing.

The pre-cast facility will produce 24 rings (a total 144 segments) each day. Approximately 9500 rings are required to complete the two tunnels. Each ring is made up of six segments creating an internal diameter of 6170mm through which the trains will travel.


Progress at the Forrestfield construction site

Some major milestones have been reached at the Forrestfield construction site over the past few weeks.

On the western side of Dundas Road, diaphragm walls have been completed for the dive structure and tunnel portal, with excavation now ready to begin.

On the eastern side of Dundas Road, site establishment works are well underway. Concrete pads of various shapes and sizes continue to be laid on site to house key infrastructure. A bentonite plant recently arrived on site and over the next couple of months the water treatment plant and slurry plant will also be installed. All equipment supporting the TBMs needs to be in place and ready for operation by July.

For more information, view the latest works update.


Site establishment at Belmont to begin this week

Activity will increase around Brearley Avenue (the section now closed to traffic) and neighbouring streets over the coming months to establish the Belmont Station construction site. The works program, set to begin in April, will include a new cycle path, clearing and fencing.

There are several services around the construction site that will also need to be relocated, including gas, water, electricity and telecommunications.

For more information, view the latest works update.

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