In April, the first piece of demolition work at Wellington Street Bus Station took place.

The spiral pedestrian ramp at the western end of the bus station was demolished as part of the State Government and Channel Seven land swap agreement. This paves the way for Channel Seven to use the land as part of its inner-city development.

The demolition, which took place over a week, does not impact the planned construction schedule for the new underground Wellington Street Bus Station. The project is still planned to take place between 2014 and 2016.


The Perth Entertainment Centre demolition is a major milestone for the Perth City Link project, and also has a big impact on the rail works.

Sinking the operating Fremantle Line is occurring in an area with tight space constraints. Bounded by Roe Street on one side and the Wellington Street Bus Station and Perth Entertainment Centre on the other doesn’t leave much room for the rail system to operate and the tunnel to be constructed.

The demolition will pave the way for the Perth City Link Rail Alliance to create a new bus road from the Roe Street Bus Bridge into the bus station. Doing this gives more room for the rail project to be delivered.

Accessing the land was part of an agreement between the State Government and Channel Seven. The PTA exchanged some of its land at the western end of the bus station for the northern strip of land on the Perth Entertainment Centre site.