The State Government has announced the deferral of the MAX Light Rail project for three years, which will see overall completion of the project by late 2022.

The MAX Light Rail project is a transformational project, and the State Government is committed to delivering the project in full. The revised timeframe will see procurement commence from mid 2017, construction commencing in 2019, with first services running by late 2022.

For more information about the State Government’s mid-year financial review, please refer to the media statement released by the Minister for Transport.


View the image for the light rail suburban station concept View the image for the light rail urban centre station concept View the proposed route map for the new light rail View the proposed light rail vehicle design

CBD alignment options

Hay Street
Hay Street, artist impression

The Couplet
Couplet Hay Street, artist impression
Couplet Murray Street, artist impression

The Terraces
The Terraces, artist impression

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