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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Consultancy Panel - Frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about our consultancy panels and procurement at the PTA.

Can I increase hourly rates when submitting an RFQ if I miscalculated and tendered for lower rates when bidding for the panel?

Unfortunately not. The rates submitted in the tender, and subsequently included in the contracts, are the maximum allowed rates. They can only go lower as discounted rates but not higher.

How do I prepare invoices correctly?

Please make sure to reference the following information on all tax invoices, as per the instructions below:

Contract Number: Enter in the contract number here
Project Name: Enter in the name of the PTA project here
Contract Name: Enter in the contract name here
Project Manager: Enter in the Project Manager for PTA here
*PO Number: Enter in the purchase order Number given in the Letter of Award

The invoice needs to be sent with backup documentation such as timesheets, progress certificate or complete percentage information.

For more details please see the Invoicing and Payment information on the PTA Consultancy Panels page.

What information should be included in the timesheet?

Consultants may use their own timesheets as long as the below information, as a minimum, is provided:

  • Contract number
  • Company name
  • Consultant’s name
  • Purchase order number
  • Project name
  • Time spent on each project each day
  • Hourly rate and total cost

How do I update our Business Manager or Technical Representative contact details?

Business Manager

Each consultant appointed to the panel has nominated a Business Manager to be a single point of contact for PTA’s Client Manager. The Consultant’s Business Manager will be responsible for facilitating a positive business relationship with PTA and shall endeavour to expeditiously resolve any contractual issues that arise. The Business Manager shall provide quotations for work packages as requested by PTA’s Client Manager or Project Managers.

If there is a change of Business Manager, please advise PTA Panel Administrator Angela Cosoleto accordingly on

Technical Representative

For each individual service contract, the consultant’s appointed Technical Representative for the key Area of Expertise in the project will be primarily responsible for delivery and day-to-day management of the individual service contract. The Technical Representative shall report to PTA’s Service Contract Manager on a day-to-day basis as appropriate.

If there is a change to Technical Representative, please complete the Contract Variation Personnel Changes form (available on the Consultancy Panels page under 'Forms') and email it to PTA Panel Administrator Angela Cosoleto at

What is the application process for new suppliers?

The PTA reviews panel usage on an annual basis. On each anniversary of the establishment of a panel, PTA will look at:

  • The need to replace an underperforming panel member
  • The current capacity of the panel to service PTA’s requirements

If there is a requirement for the addition of panel members, the PTA will refresh the contract through open tender process. Non-contracted consultants applying to join the panel will be required to comply with the provisions of the Request for Tender used to establish the panel.

If there is a requirement for the addition of new services and/or areas of expertise to the scope of services provided by the panel, the PTA will call public tenders for the new services and/or areas of expertise. All the bids will be assessed on a ‘value for money’ basis through procurement process.

Where the services required cannot adequately be provided by panel members, PTA will call public tenders for the new services and incorporate the new consultants into the panel to be governed by the prevailing panel Terms and Conditions.

What is the dispute resolution process?

The first stage of resolution of an issue arising out of the contractual relationship shall rest with the Client Manager in consultation with the Procurement Branch and Consultant service providers. In the event that a resolution cannot be found the PTA’s Client Manager will implement the standard PTA mediation and dispute resolution processes as described in clause 17 “Dispute Resolution” of the Consultancy General Conditions of Contract (Book3).

What constitutes an administration fee?

The administration fee should be charged for the technical input to the project, such as technical writing report, technical review or superintendency. It should not be the charges for admin work or overheads like the cost of phone calls, fax, photocopying, postage, couriers, secretarial, clerical and other support personnel, or travel, accommodation and other related costs for Specified Personnel located within Western Australia to deliver the services in the Perth metropolitan zone. Please refer to Schedule 3 Basis of Remuneration for more details.

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