Equal Opportunity

The PTA is an equal opportunity employer committed to fostering and supporting a work environment in which all individuals can realise their maximum potential. The Equity and Diversity Management Plan 2007-2009 builds on the strategies outlined in the 2004-2006 plan to meet corporate objectives and to promote flexibility and equity for staff and to achieve greater workforce diversity.

During the year, the continued growth of the PTA workforce was taken as an opportunity to significantly improve the diversity profile of the organisation.

Key strategies included a review of the recruitment process to ensure there are no barriers to employment for target groups and the promotion and accommodation of flexible workplace strategies where possible.

There was continued attention to the distribution of women throughout the PTA, particularly in senior management positions. Representation objectives for indigenous Australians and people with disabilities remained a priority with an increased focus on improving youth representation to meet future capability requirements.

The key equal employment initiatives implemented in 2006/07 were:

Equal opportunity outcomes


Harassment-free work environment

Reviewed and updated policies on grievance resolution, equity and workplace bullying.

Improved awareness and understanding of relevant legislation and internal procedures.

Attraction and retention of staff to ensure diversity

Analysis of exit questionnaire feedback, particularly from Equal Employment Opportunity group members.

Data analysis identified opportunities to enhance retention rates and attraction opportunities.

Improved outcomes for youth

A formal review of both the graduate and traineeship programs resulted in recommended improvements to the structure of both programs.

Increase in number of graduates and trainees participating in the PTA programs.

Improved outcomes for indigenous Australians

Identification of formal and informal indigenous networks to promote and communicate job opportunities available at the PTA.

Greater community networking and an increase in the number of indigenous applicants.